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Homework Help: Equation for torque

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    I have this problem with torque and not sure if I approached it correctly or not.

    A door is 1m wide and 2m high, has a mass of 20kg, and is supported by two hinges, each bearing 1/2 the weight of the door. The hinges are attached to the left of the door at locations 1/2m above the bottom edge and 1/2m below the top edge. It is in static equilbrium.

    So, I write out the two conditions:
    vector sum of net force= (Wdoor along -j)+(Fsupport1 along j)+(Fsupport2along j)=0
    vector sum of net torque= 0
    I'm stuck at this, I don't know if I wrote the equation right or not. Please help. I don't know where to put the pivot point in this example either. Is the direction for the forces right? Please help.
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