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Equation of a Plane - Vectors

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    Hi all,

    How do you go about solving the following Question?

    Find an equation of the plane containing the point (1 , 1 , -1) and perpendicular to the line through the points (2 , 0 , 1) and (1 , -1 , 0).

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    Direction vector of the line:

    $$\underline v:=(2,0,1)-(1,-1,0)=(1,1,1)$$

    So plane perpendicular to the above line is

    $$ax+by+cz+d=0\,\,,\,\,with\,\,\,0=(a,b,c)\cdot (1,1,1)=a+b+c=0$$

    But this plane also has to contain the point [itex]\,(1,1,-1)\,[/itex] , so it has also to be


    Now try to continue from here and end the exercise.

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    Thanks Don it makes sense.

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