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Homework Help: Equation question

  1. Sep 15, 2011 #1
    When would I use the following equations?

    x=x(initial) + V*t

    V(av) = 1/2( V(initial) + V)

    These equations are used for objects moving in a linear motion at constant acceleration correct?

    my book says that I will most likely use the following equations.....

    but why are the two above equation not important?

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    Doc Al

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    This one's for constant velocity motion. Note that it's a special case of the second equation on your list, when a = 0.

    This is good for constant acceleration. Note that it's related to the third equation on your list, which is just distance = average velocity X time.

    The first has acceleration = 0, but the second one is very useful.

    They are already included, as I note above.
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