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Homework Help: Equations for tension?

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    My physics book sucks and I cant find the equation for tension in a string, can some one tell me the equation?
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    What kind of string??Is it one which oscillates,in which mechanical waves propagate??If so,then it should be
    [tex]T=m\frac{\partial^{2}u(x,t)}{\partial t^{2}} [/tex]
    ,where "u" is the amplitude of the wave which propagates along the "x" axis,or it is the coordinate "y" of a point on the string at point "x" at the moment "t".

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    Or, if the string is massless, hanging from a support and supporting a weight W, then the tension at every point in the string is W. (Your text may have thought you didn't need a formula for that!)

    If the string has weight density μ and is supporting weight W, the the tension at a point a distance x above the weight is μx+ W, the total weight below the point.
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