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Equations of motion for 4 dof

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    Hi all,
    I'm working on a project to control the angles of a beam(purple) with a quadcopter(orange),see figure below. The angles for both the ground-beam and beam-quadcopter will be measured with joysticks, so only roll and pitch angles will be measured and the yaw rotation is fixed.
    To obtain the equation of motion of this system I started with the method of Lagrange:
    L = T-V.
    With T the kinetic energy: ½mvTv + ½wTIw
    and V the potential energy: mgz
    and this for both the beam and the quadcopter.
    I started with the roll-pitch-yaw rotation matrices (so rotation around the fixed axes) but I do not know how to get the angular speed out of them.
    So my first question is how to find the angular speeds for roll-pitch-yaw angles and my second question is how to obtain the v and the the w in de body frames (that's the easiest for the moment of inertia I think)?Thanks
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