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Equations on a Mausoleum

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    Why would a guy in Wheaton, Illinois put these two equations on his mausoleum?



    The first equation looks to be a variation of Schrodinger's wave equation.

    The second looks like a Heaviside-Maxwell wave equation.

    Any ideas?

    The guy also put a Cartesian polar coordinates graph showing Quadrature Phase Shift Keying, some sacred geometry Greek characters, and the solar system in grand conjunction (with a flying saucer near Neptune).
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    Could have has just been a crackpot who believed in some pseudoscience involving UFOS/mysticism?

    Those equations look rather meaningless to me. Do you have a picture and are you sure you copied them correctly?
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    I've attached images. I've had someone speculate that the equations could be trying to show that a magnetic monopole can exist. Also, there's a large 'Schumann' engraved on the mausoleum, which must refer to Schumann resonance.

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    Not his name? I don't know, but honestly it seems like mostly nonsense to me. What makes you think it refers to magnetic monopoles, and what has that got to do with astronomy?
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    I'd say this part clinches the case here:

    [tex]\int h^2[/tex]

    This expression is meaningless as there is no variable of integration. There are lots of possibilities as to why this was put there. Could be anywhere between "looks cool" and a strange belief in the mystical power of certain equations. Either way, the equation, as written, is nonsense.
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    Yea that's pretty much what my impression is. A rich guy who liked the style of physics without actually learning any of it. Similar to someone who can't speak or read Chinese getting a Chinese letter tattoo. Also I've never seen an equation that had any physical meaning that relates a 2nd order derivative to an integral (especially a meaningless one).
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    Interesting information, is this mausoleum or grave entry listed on Find A Grave? If so can you supply the memorial number or the name of the person in the Wheaton Cemetery. My reason for interest is that I have a web site that list community and unusually mausoleums in the U.S.
    David in Wichita
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    Perhaps he was a pretentious fool, or a deluded nutcase?
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