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Equations to be solved in a FE solver!

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    Hello; I have a basic question from FEA theory.
    What are the basic equations solved during ..
    a. Linear Static Analysis
    b. Nonlinear analysis
    b. Dynamic Analysis
    c. Crash analysis
    d. CFD
    e. NVH

    I also have a look at a wikipedia article about FEM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finite_element_method) but my question is what is the basic equation solved during NVH analysis?

    As you know, in linear static analysis the basic equation is Kd=f; or for modal analysis we have M*ddot(x)+ K*x=0;

    Thanks in advance.
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    You have asked for a pretty wide scope of information. It's like asking someone to list every equation used in physics in a blog post.

    In some of the topics you list, there may be more than one equation or type of equation which is being solved.

    The finite element method is a tool. If you want to know what equations apply to what topic (CFD, NVH, etc.), then study that particular subject in more detail.
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    Thanks for your reply. I followe your advice but could you introduce me some fundamental references?
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    You could take a look at the references at the end of the wikipedia article on the Finite Element Method. It should be a good starting point.
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