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can someone please help me with these two problems i am struggling with, i don't know why but i can not get these two problems for the life of me

What is the equatorial velocity of the sun in meters/sec?
What is the equatorial velocity of the sun in feet/sec?
Is this faster or slower than the speed of sound?
is the speed of sound 344m/s, 770mph,1238km/hr?
Thanks for your help....
short answer: no the speed of sound depends on a variety of factors, recall if you ever inhaled helium and what it did to the pitch of your voice. The equatorial speed of the sun can be looked up.
i tried google-ing the answer but to no avail, should i look on some sort of scientific search engine to find the equatorial velocity of the sun???
try rotational velocity, or sun's rotation velocity...u'll find it

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