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Homework Help: Equilateral Triangle Graph

  1. Nov 2, 2008 #1
    In a book I was reading it spoke (if a book can speak) of Equilateral Triangles when used for comparing three variables (the one where the x=0, y=0 and z=0 refer to the left, right and bottom of the triangle respectively, then a point is plotted depending on what the point being plotted consists of, whereby x+y+z=1).
    It states that you can buy triangular graph paper or the x,y,z coordinates can be translated into Cartesian (X,Y) coordinates by using X=1+x-y and Y=z*SQRT3.
    Was just wondering how this 'translation' works, I can elaborate on the triangle graph if needed, it's from statistics if that helps.
    Thanks as always.
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