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Homework Help: Equilibirum and solubility product

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    [SOLVED] equilibirum and solubility product

    I need some help with this question, if there are any chemistry whizzes around id really appreciate it:

    Calculate the solubility of AgCl (in grams of AgCl/ L of solution) in an HCl solution having pH of 2.30. Ksp of silver chloride = 1.7 x 10^-10.
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    so far all i can tell is that from the ph u get the concentration of HCL, then...im lost
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    ok i got some help, apparently u use the cl concentration from hcl and the ksp and solve for Ag conc. which should be same as the molar solubility for in mol/l of AgCl then just convert. thanks for any help or good intentions.
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