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Homework Help: Equilibrium and elasticity

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    a uniform beam of weight 400 N and length 3.2 m is suspended horizontally. On the left it is hinged to a wall; on the right is it supported by a cable bolted to the wall at distance D above the beam. The least tension that will snap the cable is 1200 N.

    (a) What value of D corresponds to that tension?
    (b) Give any value for D that won't snap the cable.
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    well if u dont give us your thoughts we wont help you
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    im just not sure how to find D. i tired useing it as a torque equation, and solve for the radius, but i just cant seen to get it right. i am at a loss for what to do!
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    i remenber those kind of question your question is so easy that even you dont need any kind of equations just mathmatics think this is a hint (the beam is horizontal and the wall is at left perpendicular to it and at right the cable is letting it to be on equilibrium so what to do well try to think its only math)
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