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Equilibrium and Rotational Motion

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    Two identical signs, each of mass M, are held aloft in adjacent archways. Following wind, several ropes holding the sign snap, leaving only those below. If each sign is in translational equilibrium, find the tensions of the remaining ropes in terms of its mass and gravity g.

    ----|-sign1---_|--*--* T2 attached perpen. to side of wall


    @@@__________*------T4 at 60 angle
    *T3 at 45 angle

    The line of stars (*) are the ropes of tension. T1 and T2 are little triangles once the parallels are drawn and T2 is totally straight (so the angle is 90, right?). For T3 for components, how do you account of its downward position?

    Now F_net = 0.
    I don't know if I'm using the correct method, but do you take the x- and y-components of each tension force with the idea that the sum of the horizontal forces and vertical forces is 0?

    I appreciate any aid on how to apply this to the individual ropes.
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    Lmao - cant interpret what you've drawn there ... can u just put the image in?
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