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Hey everyone!
I am new here and I need MAJOR help on an experiment. It's grade 12 university prep Chemistry course that I am doing via correspondance. Basically I have read through equillibirum notes (Like 20 pages worth and I am VERY confused). I get the basic idea but am still haveing a tough time-I have this simulated lab and I need help. It is rather long but I was wondering if someone has done this lab before or if they were willing to help me work through it ...???
The experiment is called: "Experiment 5: A study of an equilibrium system"
and the purpose is to study the varying concentrations of the hydrogen ion on the equilibrium system for chromate/dichromate ions.

Please let me know if any one is interested in helping me--It has been quite a while since highschool chem so be patient with me :redface:

I will post more info if someone is willing to help


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Go ahead and post all the relevant details, your thoughts/attempt at solving the problem, and whatever specific difficulties/questions you have. There are many of us here that can help you with this.

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