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Equilibrium problems

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    You havea table, that is shaped sort of like a this:
    | |

    just imagine that the vertical and horizontal ones are connected and completely symetrical. how far away can you sit on the edge of that table without breaking it? you know that the lengths of all the sides of the table (call them 'x' or something in the solution) and the weight of the person and the weight of the table. Notice that i posted this in the "homework help" section because I am *not* looking for a general method (i.e. setting equations for torque to equal 0 etc.) but I am looking for the exact solution complete with an answer. Thanks!
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    First of all, hopefully, no one is going to do the work for you here and give you the answer. Read the sticky message on the top of the homework help forum. Second, what is meant by breaking? And how far away from what are we sitting?
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