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Equilibrium temperature distribution for rod of 2 materials

  1. Aug 31, 2010 #1
    1. Determine the equilibrium temperature distribution for a one-dimensional rod composed of two different materials in perfect thermal contact at x=1. For 0<x<1, there is one material (c[tex]\rho[/tex]=1, K=1) with a constant source (Q=0), whereas for the other 1<x<2 there are no sources (Q=0, c[tex]\rho[/tex]=2, K=2) with u(0)=0 and u(2)=0

    I'm not sure to approach this problem. I believe I have to integrate two equations in order to find my solution for both materials but I'm not sure which ones. For my other ETD problems of one material, I've been using the equation KU"(x)+Q(x)=0. What should I do?
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