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Homework Help: Equilibrium temperature

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    :yuck: I keep getting 16 degrees for the temp.. This isn't the right answer... Can anyone help??

    Steam at 100 degrees C is added to ice at 0 degrees C. The mass of the steam is 10.0g and the mass of the ice is 50g. What is the final temperature of the mixture.
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    Remember that upon melting or condensing there is a latent heat that must be considered. So for example, when ice melts and is heated to say 25 C, the total heat transfered to the ice is given by the latent heat of fustion (the heat needed to melt solid ice at 0 C to liquid water at 0 C) and the heat needed to heat water to 25 C. A similar situation occurs with the steam. Remember though, the latent heats of fusion and vaporization are not the same. Just look the values up online.
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