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Homework Help: Equilibrium 'wedge' problem

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    A steel ball of mass 1.7kg (16.66N) rests in the V shaped wedge (25 degrees) formed by two steel plates. Find the magnitude of the force exerted on each plate by the ball if the friction between the ball and the plates is not significant.

    I really don't know where to start here, or exactly what force I'm trying to find.
    I drew the diagram and used the sin law to find the other forces (using 16.66N) as one of the sides but that didn't work, nor did it makes sense to my as why it would work.

    So I'm pretty stuck on this one.

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    Try thinking different: which forces are acting on the ball from the plates? Including gravity, there are three forces acting on the ball now, right? So, what is the condition of equilibrium of three forces?
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    that enabled me to solve it :)
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