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Equipartition theorem

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    I have one question. If I have Hamiltonian:


    I can show that for the Hamiltonian of this type equipartition theorem is correct. Is there any Hamiltonian which is not a function od squares of coordinates and impulses are from which I can get this Hamiltonian some using canonical transformation. Example perhaps?
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    What does it mean "equipartition theorem is correct" ?
    I think the hamiltonian is both integrable and separable, since it's not ergodic does the ensemble averages have sense?

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    You can prove that every degree of fredom have the same energy - equipartition theorem only for the Hamiltonian


    or maybe the Hamiltonian which canonical transformation is


    I think that ''
    mysterious '' Hamiltonian have the same form as one as I wrote! So for example


    Am I right?
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