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Equipment to use a stripboard?

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    I will apologize in advance for the simplistic nature of my question.

    I did some electrical engineering many years ago but specialized down a different path and as such, have not done any EE in nearly five years. I've recently wanted to begin doing some amateur EE however, but creating more complicated circuits have proven to be quite the challenge without using a stripboard. My problem isn't so much knowing what equipment I need, but what the equipment in question is actually called so that I might find such equipment and purchase it online.

    My main question is this: In the lab we used back when I was learning EE, we used stripboards, where one 'line' of holes were simply one node on a circuit diagram. We would plug these stripboards into a holder, and the holder would be made specifically for the size of the stripboards we were using and each node on the stripboard would have a "plug" on the holder in which we could connect things like oscilloscopes, voltage sources, ampere meters, signal generators and so on. It made the use of stripboards very easy.

    Does anyone know what such a holder is called? Without using one, how would you go about connecting all the necessary equipment to your circuit? Would you not have to solder a wire to each node for every stripboard you use?

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