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Homework Help: Equipotential lines

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    In a uniform electric field, where 2 plates are placed horizontally and are parallel, the electric field is vertical..

    What about the equipotential lines? Are they horizontal?

    Also, I need to draw a graph of how the Force on an electron varies with the distance from the bottom plate, and this is a horizontal line. Why is this? Is it because in a uniform field the force is the same at all points?
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    equipotential line is a locus of points with same potential
    see the electric potential equation all varaibles are fixed except the point at which you are measuring the potential.

    the force on a charged particle is given by lorentz equation. here force vector and electric field vector are in same direction.
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    So equipotential lines are the same as the uniform electric field lines?
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    let me put it this way

    potential lines are lines joining the points whose magnitude of the electric field is same.
    electric field lines in essence tell us the path a positve test charge will take when placed on an electric field.

    equipotential lines and field lines are always orthogonal to each other.

    between two parallel plates there is a potential difference and uniform electric field. An electron will move along the electric field line (in which direction?)

    Any horizontal line inbetween the plates will have same potential. the lines above and below them have different potential.
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