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Equivalence between path integral formulation and matrix formulation

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    Does anyone know where to find the "direct" (not by prove they are both equal to Schrodinger formualtion )proof?
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    There's no direct proof.Both matrix mechanics and Schrödinger's wave mechanics are particular representations of Dirac's abstract formulation.So the equivalence is between formulations:path integral (R.P.Feynman) and traditional (vectors and operators,P.A.M.Dirac).

    There's a famous book which deals with this issue:

    Feynman and Hibbs,"Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals",McGraw & Hill,1965.

    The essential of that book is found as a chapter/subchapter in many QM texts,outta which i'd like to mention Sakurai and Cohen-Tannoudji.

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