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Homework Help: Equivalence Relations proof

  1. Sep 19, 2009 #1
    Prove or Disprove: A relation ~ on a nonempty set A which is symmetric and transitive must also be reflexive.

    If our relation ~ is transitive, then we know: a~b, and b~a [tex]\Rightarrow[/tex] a~a.
    Therefore our relation ~ is reflexive, since b~c and c~b [tex]\Rightarrow[/tex] b~b, and c~a and a~c [tex]\Rightarrow[/tex] c~c.

    Can the above (idea) constitute a proof in itself?


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  3. Sep 19, 2009 #2
    Actually I thought about it a little, and came up with a proof. But can someone critique it and let me know if it's actually alright.

    We know ~ is symmetric.
    Therefore, [tex]\exists a,b,c \in A[/tex] such that
    if a~b, then b~a,
    and if b~c, then c~b,
    and if c~a, then a~c.​
    But we also know our relation ~ is transitive.
    if a~b, and b~a, then a~a, (#1)
    and if b~c, and c~b, then b~b, (#2)
    and if c~a, and a~c, then c~c. (#3)​
    By (#1), (#2), and (#3) we know our given relation is reflexive.
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