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Equivalent norms?

  1. Oct 17, 2008 #1
    Suppose that ||f||= int 01| f(x) | dx and f is a piecewise continuous linear function on the interval [0,1]. If ||| f ||| = int 01 x | f(x) | dx, determine if the two norms are equivalent.

    I know the first defines a norm, and the space is not complete. Can anyone offer any hints as to solving this problem?
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    Well, first of, when are two norms defined to be equivalent? If you know that, one part of the definition is very easily verified. For the other part consider the function

    What is then [itex]\frac{||f_{\varepsilon}||}{|||f_{\varepsilon}|||}[/itex]? Conclusion?
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    i don't quite follow... is that function in the space?
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    [itex]\chi_{[0,\varepsilon]}[/itex] is the characteristic function of [itex][0,\varepsilon][/itex], i.e.

    [tex]\chi_{[0,\varepsilon]}(x) = \begin{cases} 1 & \text{ if } x \in [0,\varepsilon] \\ 0 & \text{ if } x \in (\varepsilon, 1] \end{cases}.[/tex]
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    That function is certainly piecewise continous and (piecewise) linear und thus in the space you mentioned.
    Thanks for supplying this additional, crucial piece of information that by [itex]\chi_A[/itex] I meant the indicator function of A.
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