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Equivalent to XP Protection?

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    I have some problems regarding spyware, malware and stuff like that on my computer. The browser runs much slower then normal and pictures cannot be adequately displayed. The XP Protection program recommends that I install their software but that will cost $50. Any equivalent software on the net that can be downloaded for free which is equivalent to the XP Protection package?

    Should I change my online banking passwords now? Or will they not pick it up?
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    I've always recommended AVG for virus protection and AdAware07 for spyware and malware. They're both free for the basic editions and the companies do provide free updates. AVG can create a slight bog to the system, but that's only during the actual scanning. I personally haven't had any virus or spyware issues in over three years thanks to these. I've never liked Norton and Macafee since they tend to be resource hogs.

    AVG... http://free.grisoft.com/filedir/inst/avg75free_519a1276.exe

    Ad-Aware2007... http://dw.com.com/redir?edId=3&site...aa50e2df8b82e7f847cffa065a2c&part=dl-ad-aware
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    If you even remotely believe that your passwords or any critical information has been compromised, change your password information as quickly as possible. Better safe than sorry. I once had a hunch that someone may have gotten my e-mail password, so I immediately changed it and the others. Not even a few hours passed when a friend called to tell me his e-mail acct was hacked. Since then, I don't hesitate to change them.
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    Of course it does. Lexus recommends that you buy a Lexus and Tag Body Spray says it'll get you girls. That's advertising. It sounds like you have infected yourself with spyware. There are a few good legitimate anti-spyware programs you can try such as adaware and spybot.


    More importantly, you are going to need to learn to distinguish the harmless from the harmful online. I don't get spyware/adware on my computer. Ever. It is because I recognize it when it tries to install itself and I stop it.

    Lesson #1: "XP Protection" is adware. It isn't there to help you, it is there to infect you.
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    Best advice I've seen about preventing malware (spyware, adware, viruses, trojans...). Instead of downloading software to tell you when you have it— why not just don't get it at all? :smile:

    First thing to know is the never download any toolbars for Internet Explorer. In fact, don't download any toolbars at all. You don't need any of them. Use Firefox. Don't click on things that said you just won a million dollars. Same scams on the internet as the real world. Any time anything pops up that says your computer has been infected, and it isn't something that you personally installed like AdAware, then it's really just trying to give you more problems.

    While you're at it with the spy/adware programs, why don't you download some antivirus and firewall programs. I recommend Avast! and Zonealarm.

    Funny thing is, all this stuff is free and are usually better than the pricey stuff that Microsoft advertises (Norton, Symnatec). Also, try not to get scared when your antivirus program makes a loud alarm noise and says you are in danger, or the Zonealarm says you have had 19000 potential hacker attacks. In real life, you are exposed to unholy amounts of advertisements and scams everyday— you have to learn to not fall for them.
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    While we're at it: a simple thing about popups: don't hit "cancel" - it often isn't even real. Hit the "X" at the top right corner of the window.
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    My firefox actually got infected. Strange?
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    tgt, the best free protection (IMO) is Avast. You should also download Adaware, Spyware Blaster, and other well-respected freeware apps that can strip that crap from your system.
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    Just got AVG installed. Removed the XP proection so you people are right. However my firefox is not working properly. Pictures on wikipedia are not displayed and you tube videos do not run. What is wrong?
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    Perform a warm reboot and see if that helps. If it doesn't, uninstall Firefox and reinstall. Be sure to save your bookmarks if you want to hang on to them.
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    I've gone so far as to pull out the ethernet cable to completely sever my internet connection before touching anything further when I get a suspicious pop-up like that, especially if I click the X and it either doesn't work or pops right back up again. Once the internet connection is broken, I can exit the browser, get rid of the pop-up and know to avoid that site ever again (and that's also a good time to run the spyware/adware scan and make sure nothing "took").
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    We had a classic example of that recently...

    The malware managed to infect the CA virus checker and started bringing up adverts for porn sites as the virus checker was doing a scan...

    Highly amusing.

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    If it's on windows, yea it's going to get infected, if you're not careful when surfing. I use Linux at home so i've yet to get spyware but i also am careful on where i go to on the internet, usually it's just here, Neowin.net, wikipedia.org, and google.
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