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Equivalent Ways to Calculate Inequality Violation ?

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    This derivation of the inequality: S(a,a',b,b')= l E(a,b) - E(a,b')l + l E(a',b) + E(a',b')l ≤ 2
    can use values taken from a correlation function with setting angles that equals cos(α-β )
    and then inserted in above inequality
    This form of a correlation function: q(∅1,∅2) = Nsame(∅1,∅2) - Ndifferent(∅1,∅2)/Nsame + Ndifferent
    uses actual counts and the specific values are inserted in the four locations in above inequality.
    The question is whether the values from two different correlation functions , in first case using angles and in second case using counts, produce equivalent violations. and if so is there a conceptual way to to understand that ?
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