Equivelence of Space and Time

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NOTE: I realy feel incredibly stupid about what I posted in the Mathmatics forum, I sincerly apologise to any real physiscists I insulted by trying to impress people by making up a formula and calling it possible. Please no criticism about that thread, but however, there seems to be a lot of evidence in my mind pointing to the equivelence of space and time.

What is time? Time is considered to be a dimension of space. I had a thought about time, and its reality, functions, and properties. I came to a conclusion of the equivelence of space and time. I also have evidence to make this hypothesis a theory.
I considered the properties of time, and of space. The only property of time is space, which has the properties of length, width, and hieght. Also, I considered perfect space. I found that perfect, undisturbed space-time did not include space or time. Time is a distortion of space caused by the presence(or mere existance)of space. Also, time cannot exist seperatley from space, and vice-versa. So, time and space can only exist as one. Time exists as matter exists, so hypotheticaly, that assists the steady state theory. Also, the flow of time is a source of energy, without it, no other energy can exist. So, as mass is equivelent to energy, time is equivelent to space.

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Isn't that what a man called Einstein (actually it was Minkowski) proposed about 70 years ago. Or do you mean something else?
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He did?
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You've got it right!

Time is a change seen at the scales of observation. It is the scale of the interaction that creates what we see as time, space and everything else. So time and space are qualitatively equivalent because they are produced from multiscale similar all-building interactions (more information from the free downloads at http://www.eugenesavov.com)
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Ah, yes...the Lorentz invariant:

s = c²t² - x² - y² - z²

s is always the same for every inertial frame.
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In PF2.0 I have done such conclusion MATHEMATICALLY from mass - energy relation E=mc^2. Time contains in itself Space and Energy. In other words, Space and Energy present itself nothing other as Time.

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