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Homework Help: Equivilent Force Problem

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    http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/879/problem4998tl.jpg [Broken]

    Here I resolved the forces:

    [tex]\overrightarrow{F_{A_x}} = \left(375sin30\right)N[/tex]

    [tex]\overrightarrow{F_{A_y}} = \left(375cos30\right)N[/tex]

    Here is the r vector (I think):

    [tex]\overrightarrow{r_{AP}} = \left(4\hat{i} - 3\hat{j}\right)m[/tex]

    But when I do r X F, I get something wrong, what do I have to do to solve this simple problem?
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    Let the Centre of AP be M, then MP is the radius Vector I guess from what I understood after seeing the picture. You know the co-ordinate of A and P, so you can find the co-ordinates of M.
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    The y component fo your force should be negative.
    Also, in calculating the torque, the vector r should go from the axis of rotation toward the point where the force is applied.

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