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ERASMUS in Coimbra

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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently learning physics in Paris, at the university of Paris 6, fundamental physics I should precise and it's my fourth year. I would like to pass my second semester in a foreign country, but still in Europe. I am currently looking to the university of Coimbra, their department of Physics seems nice. I getting really interested in this course: http://www.fis.uc.pt/gb/ensino/plf5_fnp.php [Broken] . Does anybody knows this university?
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    Coimbra is the oldest university in Portugal. It used to serve as higher education for the portuguese colonies (Brazil) during one time period. I've never been there, but I've a couple of friends with degrees from Coimbra. I think they are well prepared.
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    Okay thank you for your answer ;)
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    I'm from portugal but i'm not on college yet. Anyways, from what i've heard, from friends and so, coimbra has a great academic spirit.

    You can ask me some direct questions and i'll try to find out the answer for you.
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    Coïmbra is very nice as a city, has nice student festivals (Queima das Fitas is great!), but the physics department didn't really impress me that much for what I can remember. But those memories are blurred by alcohol.
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