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Homework Help: Erg, revenge for the physics teacher?

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    Hi, my name is Julie, and I have an awful physics teacher. Now, I know that you are going "No, you just don't understand the way he teachers, " blah, blah blah. Ok, no. I am a nerd, right? Right. I keep track of everything that goes wrong, every insult, everything. And add them up. His list is pretty long, and I don't like that. Everytime I ask a question he answers with the tone of "here we go again, she must be retarded" And it is quite noticeable. So, this is my problem: science fair. I want to do something that will totally blow him away. I want him to take me seriously. I almost decided to build an "atom smasher" (betatron) by the suggestion of my nerd boyfriend, but I can't do that because of the fact that our projects have to "solve an everyday problem". I would really like to get some ideas from you guys. Something that will blow a physics teacher away. Thank you so much. You can either email me at Jules_887@yahoo.com or AIM me at Tinkerbelle3087 or post here. Whatever. Thanks! ---Jules
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    hi julie,
    im new to this forum anyway what I think you should do is firstly try to get on his good side. Try making a direct suggestion or something like that. Anyway for your project why not try Michelson's Interferometer. But that wouldnt solve an everyday problem.... So you could go in for Active Noise Control.. Now that's solving an everyday problem isn't it ? For that experiment it would be great if you could get in touch with some electronics guys u know...... :smile: If you need any further help mail me on pseudonewton@yahoo.com or thru the forum
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