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Ericsson cycle - calculating heat added/extracted from working substance

  1. Nov 3, 2009 #1
    The Ericsson cycle is as follows:
    1) Isobaric expansion: temperature T2 goes to higher T1 at pressure P.
    2) Isothermal expansion:pressure P1 goes to lower pressure P2 at constant T1
    3) Isobaric compression: temperature T1 goes to lower T2 at pressure P2
    4) Isothermal compression: pressure P2 goes to higher P1 at constant T2...

    Now I need to calculate the heat Q added/lost in each of these points.
    Note: Using the Van der Waals gas (viral expansion)
    I know how to obtain the Q gained/lost for the isothermal processes, but what about the isobaric ones? Is that when the work is done and does that imply that working substance did not gain or loose any Q?
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