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Err laptop touchpad hazard?

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    I've always felt my finger "tearing" when I used my laptop's touch bad. I now noticed that I do in fact have a cut there. And on my 2nd finger, which I've also used on the touch pad.

    Do you think this thing is out to get me? If it matters, I use Linux. Should I go back to Windows? Do they have finger-safe technology?
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    A brunette walks into a doctor's office. "Doc, I think I've broken every bone in my body!!! Look, it hurts here ... OW!!, and it hurts over here ... OW!! and it hurts down here ... OW!!! It even hurts in here ... OW!!"

    "Honey, you're not really a brunette, are you?"

    "Why no, doctor. I'm blonde. How did you know?"

    "Your finger's broken."
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    I busted out my USB mouse. F this POS laptop. It has a sound adjuster on the front. So when I'm lying down with the laptop on my lap, slanted downwards, it will raise or lower the volume if I move at all. Then the headphone jack is right in the front, so I can't even sit like I normally do because then the plug jams into my tummy. :(
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    Mine has the CD eject button along the front - and it's raised. Every time I rest it on my belly, it goes kaCHUNK! kaCHUNK! kaCHUNK! eJECT! eJECT! eJECT!
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    Yeah, so you know my pain. What kind of idiot designs something like that? Do those people not use laptops or something?
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