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Error Bars on Log graphs.

  1. Apr 20, 2012 #1
    I think this is probably the right place to put it, didn't really fit anywhere else.

    I've got the joyless task of writing a lab report at university and need to put a graph in it, ideally with error bars. I don't have a problem with error bars normally, but I'm coming unstuck about what to do in this case.

    I have the equation: [itex]ln\frac{I_{REF}}{I} = \frac{-hv}{k}[\frac{1}{T_{REF}} - \frac{1}{T}][/itex]. This is in the form y=mx.

    If I were to have values for the errors in I and T, how would I convert these into the errors of Log(I) and Log(T) and thus graph them?
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