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Error calculation

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    Hello everybody,
    I have a quick question:
    Using this equation I can calculate centripetal force:

    If I say m=0.100, r=0.60, 1/t^2=1.43
    Then how do I calculate the errors for F_c.
    Any help is some help.
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    You need to do is error propagation. Wiki may be good place to look it up:

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    Lots of different ways to calculate different errors.

    To get extremes, you can plug in error variations for each variable that lead to an increase in your function, and alternatively, others that lead to a minimum of that function. By groups those extremes, you get an idea of the "accuracy" of your answer, the range of extreme variations.

    Of course the chance (probability) that your errors will occur just that way is not as large as those errors occuring in a random way and partially cancelling....
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