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Error in Moving Message

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    I see that my original thread was moved to Homework.

    I hope it wasn't under the assumption that it was homework.

    I wasn't asking if I was correct, I was asking if I was the first person to calculate it this way. That I could not assume.

    I am not a history student, I am a http://cwiki.org/index.php/Shawn_Halayka". School really isn't possible in all situations. I am working hard at understanding this just by thought.

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    Welcome to the PF, shalayka. When you believe that an error has been made, you can use the "REPORT" post button on your original post, and mention in the REPORT form what the issue is. I'll go ahead and report your post here to get some other Mentor views of the situation. I honestly don't know which is the best location for your question.
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    It doesn't have to strictly be a homework problem. Any HOMEWORK-TYPE or COURSEWORK-TYPE post belongs in that forum. It is why yours was moved.

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    Ok, thank you for replying. It is good to know.
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