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Error in quiz

  1. Apr 24, 2006 #1
    Near the top of this web page, there is a link to a quiz. If you take the Novice quiz called "Beginning Physics", you will find an error in question 4:

    Question: A cyclist changes velocity from 5 m/sec [N] to 15 m/sec [N] in 4.0 sec. What is the value of her acceleration?

    a) 2.5 m/sec
    b) 5 m/sec
    c) 1.5 m/sec
    d) 3.5 m/sec

    Can you spot it? Highlight the text below for the answer.

    Highlight this
    Acceleration is length per time squared. And it has a direction, in this case [N].
    to see the answer
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    EDIT Sorry didn't read your answer properly.
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