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Error message at start up ?

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    I have windows me and recently my norton antivirus found and quarantined a trojan virus. soon after that, every time I start up my computer I get this error message:



    it says the path cannot be found or something

    how can I fix this problem so this error message will quit popping up? I can click on the x and close it and everything seems to work ok, but it's still very annoying and I keep wondering what is causing it and why.
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    Are you sure that is the message that you are getting, i.e. is it typed correctly? Are you sure about C:/, which would be wrong.

    It should start with C:\Progra~1\ which is the older DOS type syntax, because DOS was limited to 8 characters in a folder name.

    should read like

    Is CDA there deliberately? The folder looks like a bad installation attempt of "WildTanget", which is a plugin in for online gaming. According to Spyany.com "The program will share your name, address, email address, phone number, and other information. Collects system configuration information such as your computer's CPU speed, video card configuration, and DirectX version. Collects product usage information such as the number of product launches and time spent using a product. WildTangent can retrieve and install additional software. It will deliver advertisments to your computer when you are playing the game."

    It is best to check your C:\Program Files (or C:\Program~1) to see if there are any "WildTangent" folders including "WT" or "wt".

    There are removal instructions at - http://www.spyany.com/program/article_spw_rm_WildTangent.html.

    The instructions include editing the registry. One has to be careful there because damaging the registry file can diable the computer. If one does not have experience in editing the registry or does not understand it, find someone who has experience editing the registry file. One can do a search on "WildTangent" or "wt", and these should be deleted, but be very careful that the string "wt" is associated with WildTangent.

    Also consider getting a free adware removal software - Lavasoft's Ad-Aware or safer-networking's Spybot (S&D, search and destroy).
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    thanks, astronuc... I typed the \ wrong. I have spybot and that didn't come up with anything like that and it didn't fix the problem either. I had adaware once, but I was told that adaware can actually damage your computer by deleting files infected by adware that the computer needs to run properly, so I removed adaware and went with spybot. Is this wildtangent thing something an advertising company uses or could it be someone just spying on me?
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    I think it does both - if you read the description.

    If you did not install software deliberately, or if it did not come preinstalled from the PC manufacturer, then you should delete it.

    I have had to disinfect several computers with things like WildTangent.

    The old Kazaa had similar spyware, and one of my employees downloaded "Precision Time", from Gator.com, and that also resulted in unwanted popups as well as recorded key strokes.

    Here is a good site for additional information on parasitic software - http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/ (but they don't list WildTangent)


    http://www.spywareguide.com/product_list_full.php (a more comprehensive list here)

    You can check either for descriptions of WildTangent or other parasites.
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    thanks very much, astronuc!!! I followed your instructions and successfully removed the wildtangent spyware files from my computer. You are a genius and your advise to me priceless!!
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    You are welcome. I am pleased that it worked.
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