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Error problem

  1. May 2, 2010 #1
    I want to compute x within 0.1% relative error with Simpson method, these are my m-files. Which command i should add for this?

    function simps(a, b, n)
    %simps(a, b, n) approximates the integral of a function f(x) in the
    %interval [a;b] by the composite simpson rule
    %n is the number of subintervals

    h = (b-a)/n;

    sum_even = 0;

    for i = 1:n/2-1
    x(i) = a + 2*i*h;
    sum_even = sum_even + f(x(i));

    sum_odd = 0;

    for i = 1:n/2
    x(i) = a + (2*i-1)*h;
    sum_odd = sum_odd + f(x(i));

    integral = h*(f(a)+ 2*sum_even + 4*sum_odd +f(b))/3

    function y = f(x)
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