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Error propagation of distance modulus and parallax

  1. Jun 17, 2011 #1

    Here is my problem: there is a star, for which we know the distance, d=21.2 pc,
    the measurement error is delta_d=1.8 pc. The question is that how far should we put this star,
    so that the following equation would be true: d/delta_d = 3?
    The teacher told me to use two formulas: m-M=-5+5log(d) and pi=1/d (pi=parallax),
    and then do some error propagation calculations.
    Of course, I have already tried it using the equations above,
    but unfortunately I can not solve the problem.
    Does anybody have any idea?
    Actually, it would be OK as well, if anybody could do it using
    any other equations.
    Thank you, and sorry for my english.

    Cheers, Joe
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