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Error question

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    can someone explain me the relation between the degree of a taylor series (TS) and the error. It is for my class of numerical method, and I do not find a response to my question in my textbook.

    I mean when we have a function Q with two variables x and y,and we use a version of TS to calculate the error of Q by doing:

    ∆ (Q(x,y))= (∂Q/∂x )*∆x + (∂Q/∂y )*∆y (1st order)

    We want to compare the error of each term to know which is greater (the one in x or that in y.) or which one I need to measure with more precision.

    I dont know if I am clear enough.

    For example, if I have for the x term a degree of -2 and for y term a degree of -.5 after finding ∆ (Q(x,y)), considering the error which error is greater?

    Thank you

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    matt grime

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    this has nothing to do with number theory; if no one moves it you may want to delete the thread and repost it in calculus and analysis
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    ok thank you
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