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Homework Help: Error treatment on temperature

  1. Oct 5, 2011 #1
    Error treatment on temperature~~

    I recently did an experiment at school. I don't know how to calculate the error of temperature after changing the unit of temp. from degree celsius to kelvin. Here is the question.

    Let T=23 °C ± 0.5
    What is the error after changing the unit to kelvin?

    Should I keep dT/T=dT'/T' (T and T' are the temperature in degree celsius and kelvin respectively)? Or do it in other ways?
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    Re: Error treatment on temperature~~

    The unit size didn't change, you just added a fixed constant to the °C. So the error remains the same, ± 0.5 °

    If you have an error value for that constant then by all means include it in the calculation, but typically you'd assume it's a "perfect" constant (or at least that any error in its value is far, far smaller than those in your experimental values).
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