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Bug Error when posting

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    Hi, I tried to post a reply in this thread:


    However, when I clicked post, I got a lot of what looks like coding come up?

    Now I can't look at the thread or post in it?

    Not sure if my Post was successful, as it has my username as the last post, but cannot get into the thread to check...?
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    Jonathan Scott

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    I got a very similar error when attempting to view the landmarks thread just now. Refresh did not help, but clearing the browser cache seemed to fix the problem.
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    Well I am using Firefox, but I copied the link into IE and it works then,

    How do you clear the browser cache in Firefox? Is it the "Clear Recent History" in tools?
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    In version 3.5.7 of the MacOS version, it's under Preferences --> Advanced --> Network.
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    In Windows, it's
    Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Network tab​
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    Okay thanks
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