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Homework Help: Escape speed problem? or no?

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    A projectile if fired vertically from Earth's surface with an initial speed of 8.2 km/s. Neglecting air drag, how far from the survace of Earth will it go?

    Well, I know that the escape speed of earth is 11.2 km/s. how would i go about solving this?
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    It's not really an escape speed problem... Are you supposed to use the escape speed of the earth to solve it?

    I'd use conservation of energy methods to solve it...
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    use conservation of energy... your final velocity is 0...
    the potential energy might a little bit tricky for you... just remind you... PE=mgh doesn't work in this case

    PS. flying at 8.2km/s on the earth and ignore the air drag? that is so not realistic..
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    crap, i am looking at the formula y - yo = voysin(thetao) - gt, i dont know how to put it in this equation, can someone help me?
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    As vincentcahn told you before, you can't use the laws of motion in uniform gravitational field, because the projectil will go far away from the Earth' surface.

    [tex]E_p=-\gamma \frac{mM}{R+h}[/tex]
    for the potential energy
    for the kinetic one and apply the conservation of total energy.
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    ahhh, ok thanks clive!
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