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Escaping Compressed Air

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    I'm currently designing a model torpedo and plan to use compressed air for it's propulsion and am working out if it's feasible.

    At the moment I'm trying to calculate how long it takes for X volume of compressed air at Y pressure to leave (IE return to atmospheric pressure) through a hole or vent of Z diameter. I've had a Google but I'm not quite sure how to phrase it but so far the best way I can think of it is to break it down into groups of milliseconds and then use the Venturi Effect to give me a rough idea but it seems a little crude.

    Anyone care to suggest a better method? I'm presuming there is some 'magical formula' that I'm not quite getting.


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    Take a look at Milton Beychok's website here:


    Even though it is labeled for accidental release, it is applicable for the pressurized release to atmosphere of a compressed gas. It's worth your time to read through.
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