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ESD standards

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    Is the ESD standard different for components(ICs) and systems.
    For Systems the standard I refer is IEC61000-4-2. For ICs, I am not sure.
    Does HBM and CDM apply to only components or does it apply to systems too?
    Is the Automotive ESD testing levels different than the industrial ones( 4KV contact and 8KV Air discharge)?
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    Please, upload or give link for full access to IEC61000-4-2. Without knowing content there's no point to discuss.
    I would think that such standards should differ not just between components and systems but vary from system to system.
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    That's a copyrighted publication. I have a copy of it here at work, and we test our systems to that standard all the time. 4kV contact & 8kV air is the 2nd test level. The highest is 8kV contact & 15kV air discharge.

    ESD testing for ICs is different -- the OP can probably Google for good explanations of those.
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