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Espanol Help

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    Could someone please see if this essay needs any revision. Also, how would I convert this essay in the imperfect tense? Any help in editing this essay or changing it in the imperfect tense is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks :smile:
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    any help is appreciated :smile:
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    easy pesy japanesey brah
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    If I were you I would do a google search on the imperfect tense and decide from there how to change the essay.
    Apologies if you've already done that
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    And God knows I was very good at it. Have you ever heard about Paco Buyo (retired Real Madrid goalkeeper) , Andoni Zubizarreta (retired Spanish national team goalkeeper), Peter Schmichael (retired Denmark national team goalkeeper) or Oliver Kanh (nowadays Bayer München goalkeeper)?. They were my sport idols.

    Nostalgy... :cry:
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