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Espy especial esprit

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    If there exists extrasensory perception, might it be immeasurable or itself imperceptible?
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    This kind of Espy?
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    What kind is that?
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    The ESPN Espy.
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    Yes, but no. I offer that ESP (extrasensory perception) is something akin to an observation observing itself.
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    If it's immeasurable and/or imperceptible, in what manner can it said to exist?

    This is like Sagan's dragon in his garage.

    From "The Demon-Huanted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark" by Carl Sagan
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    Well, even if the mechanism is not perceptible, at least the results will be. ESP is easily proven or disproven. Is it indeed a four of hearts, or not? (or other, depending on your preferred form of ESP).

    There's little point in looking for a mechanism of ESP if you have not established that it even exists.

    OK, say you establish that it exists. Some dude can repeatably produce an ESP result. What is the range? Does anything block it? If so, how big a hole does it need? You can rapidly determine properties of it, despite all its efforts to remain mysterious.
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    Is an individual virtual particle "immeasurable or itself imperceptible?"
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