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Essai: try to define the state of aparticle

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    I hope it is the right place to ask such question (theory development); and if not: pardon me.
    What you can read here is a kind of test of my own theory. It should be sympathic if someone could tell me if it is a wrong way to think. I try to built a new method to describe the state of a particle moving in space time (4-dimensional). I replace the usual way to do by what I call the Christoffel's cube, the EM field tensor and the relative acceleration. I need four of my splittings. Do you think it could offer a usefull alternative to some other methods asking for space with 5,....36 dimensions?
    Thanks for your opinion.
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    Sorry, I forgot the attachment
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    Just want to say thank you to all (about 35) members who have taken a little bit of their time to look this thread (updated on my webpage; see news: part 02 on www.alititi.privat.t-online.de[/URL]). The result of my work is that we could describe any particle satisfying the Lorentz equations of motion with "only" 5 matrix (4-4)(a little bit like in the Pauli connection between relativity and quantum theory). The absence of answer and communication about this thread certainly prove the stupidity of my essay. Sure I am disappointed but so it is.Thx
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