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Homework Help: Essay on Digital and Analogue technology -_-

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    Discuss the differences between digital and non-digital communication. the conventions of both must be demonstrated using examples. Terminology must be employed correctly throughout...


    I have gathered research about the difference between analogue and digital, however I cannot think of many example except TV's and the quality and diversity of digital.

    Also, what terminology should I make sure I use?

    Thanks in advance.
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    clocks? :P
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    Satellite communications would be one example.

    Up until recently, almost all communications satellites used analog transponders. You transmit a radio signal to the satellite, the signals amplified and retransmitted at a different downlink frequency. They would alternate horizontal and vertical polarization so they could squeeze more signals closer together in frequency onto one transponder.

    The newer, more popluar method, is digitally multiplexed signals where several channels are multiplexed into one signal with a wide frequency band. Most of your modern day digital TV channels on cable or satellite TV use this.
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