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Essay Topic

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    Hello everyone!
    I am in grade 12 this year and am applying for university :). I am applying for a program called health sciences. One of the determining factors for admission is a 500 word essay. The topic this year is quite interesting. It is "Choose the area of health research that should no longer be pursued and provide reasons why." I am currently brainstorming for an idea. I was hoping i could get some of your guys' expert opinion. In no way do i want help in writing the essay, i am simply trying to get another perspective on possible topics.
    Any ideas/comments would be great!
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    Wow! Hmmm...that's a tough one! This is an essay topic to get INTO a university?! Have you come up with any ideas on your own yet? If you've come up with any, it might help others think of more. What's your deadline?

    Some thoughts that cross my mind: You could choose an ethically charged topic and argue against it based on ethical considerations, such as stem cell research or cloning. You could choose something that is no longer a major health issue, such as polio. I suppose you could be really daring and write an essay on reasons why no area of research should be discontinued as long as questions remained unanswered that could lead to advances in medicine. I'd be impressed with a student who answered the last of these choices, but I don't know if those evaluating your application would be, or if they have something else in mind. Chances are, the most important thing is to pick something you can present a good argument for. Usually the point of such essays is to find out how well you can write and go through the logical steps of an argument, and the actual topic chosen isn't really that important.
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    Thanks for the reply MoonBear. Yeah, so far I have been leaning towards a topic that has ethical issues attached. My only fear with that is I assume most of the applicants will be writing on similar topics. I want to stand out! With that said, it will most likely take some time and reasearch to come up with a good topic. The deadline is April 1st however so its not like I need to rush. Once again thanks for the reply and any more input is greatly appreciated.
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