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Essentially polluted minds

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    essentially polluted minds!!

    Did it ever occur to anyone that everything we see isn't the same as everyone elses? For example, you have a red apple. Someone, say Mike, and I are viewing this apple. He has defined the color he sees as red and I have defined the color as red as well. But, if I saw what he was looking at through his eyes, then I would see a different color than the one I have defined as red. Could this be feasible/possible? I don't think so...but its an interresting idea. And this could applie to everything. What do you think?
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    ya, it happens all the time; colorblindness and the like.
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    Who's Mike?
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    Hey, I know Mike, he's cool, and he ain't color blind either. :0)
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    Re: essentially polluted minds!!

    Leaving out the deficits in our hardware, we have to acknowledge the fact that our hardware is similar, and acts in a similar way, producing similar results. There might be slights differences in how different people experience a same stimuli (under laboratory conditions) which are caused by small changes in our hardware.

    I think that is what we should conclude, based on reason.
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    ah but all of our "hardware" have their own little "deficits", or differences anyway; some more than others but it is still like fingerprints and snowflakes, you just don't get two of the same.
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